Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh man, you guys have no idea how hard I've been working on this one project for the past few days. This would be because I haven't told you. Allow me to change that!

Remember my elf ears? The cool ones that come in all those colors, and that people want pierced?

Well, let me tell you a story:

There once was a Siyu who made pierced elven ears. She made them in silver piercings with a nice creamy pale skin tone to match hers. She loved wearing them around, and consistently got asked to sell them. So she decided "sure!" and started to make the piercings in different skin tones... then different metal tones... then different ear styles... and realized that she simply could not bring herself to work on this when there would be over 400 objects involved. She dropped it in a huff, and determined that it could not be done reasonably without scripts.

Enter Ziggy Puff, the indefatigable and erstwhile creator of the oh so incredibly famous ZHAO, who happened to like/need tips on how to use Zbrush3. This put me in the position to ask about scripting... and less than a half hour later I had everything I needed. I could change the texture of the ear's skin tone, and the jewelry, and everything was absolutely peachy!

The End... or is it?

For Siyu realized that with this magical script she could possibly revolutionize almost everything in her store, or at the very least everything that was to come out of it. But that might be another story...

In short:


They're coming.


Terry Toland said...

*Cheers!* :D

Unknown said...

Wow - spooky or what? I just decided I needed to buy elf ears before I looked in at your blog, Siyu! I'll wait for your new ones!