Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been more busy than it seems recently! Just these items required a lot more effort and time on my part than most. Creature masks always do! Which creature? Well, I gave that away in the post title.

OMG now you TOO can be a pretty poneh! And be the type of horsie that wears fuzzy sweaters and a tanktop. I especially like wearing this mask with Riann Maltese's satyr legs and crazy big hair from Naughty or Aden Breyer. I took special care to make the shape as expressive and realistic as possible, and it's more forgiving with hair styles than most of my more complicated masks. Still, try the demo to make sure you really want to be a pretty horsie.

When I asked the Fashion Consolidated Cafe what color they always wanted their ponies when they were little girls, unfailingly everyone said pink and purple. I was going to be a stickler and only include real horse colors, but I realized what fun was that? If the people want pink and purple ponies, who am I to deny that! Speaking of, check out this add on:

Oddly, unicorn horns seem to be in demand, and have been asked about a few times. Since my original Horse Mask was actually a Unicorn Mask, I wanted to honor it with having an optional horn that could be worn on a separate attachment point. Yes, it's sculpted, and I love it, it's very pretty. Best part is, it doesn't require any special fitting to stick to either your forehead or the mask, it works either way! It's available in my 5 metallic colors of gold, copper, and the three silver shades, as well as bone, black, and white.

This may not quite fit in, I was tempted to make another blog post for it but eh, might as well consolidate.

After some experimenting in Zbrush, I found a way to build things right onto the SL avatar. It doesn't work very well the way I'm doing it, but it worked well enough for me to make a skin tight head cap that fit to the scalp. Well, after doing this of course I wanted to make a mask out of it, and that inevitably became this:

Sexy, no? My worry is that it's actually too sexy for my modest, PG 13 sim. But then I found myself dressing up in thigh high boots, Nicky Ree's Justice League outfit, and fighting crime... and realized the real crime would be in denying people the fun of being a Catwoman super hero type person! It includes the posture collar, which comes with a simple ao pose to keep the neck straight and avoid the avatar mesh from poking through the sides. Since it's modifiable, if this bothers you or messes with your AO, you can just delete it and let your neck go freestyle.

Coming soon: BIG HAIR!

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Anonymous said...

I wanna donkey! EEYORE!!! Donkey!!! :) EEEE-AWWWWWWW! EEEE-AWWWWWWW! EEEE-AWWWWWWW! Can you please please please make a donkey mask with donkey ears? Like Bottom from Midsummer's Night dream with an asses head, though admittedly it'd add a new meaning to the term ass-hat though not like people expect.

Donkeys are like horses but better. Zebra's too, but I'm more a donkey person.

I'd also love to see a rabbit mask, but a Watership Down black rabbit of Inle mask, not a cute fuzzy funny bunny.

And if you hadn't guessed from this spiel I love your horse masks. They're beautiful, elegant and so definitely not human. They're like masks should be, the sort of beautiful expressive artwork you'd see in a movie, or on fey like creatures that aren't quite of this world. I'm not usually a great one for being anthro, save for ears and a tail but your masks are just so different and gorgeous. I'd love to see your take on other animals.

Also, could you do antlers? I have a set from bare-rose that I adore but they're all fancied up. I'd love to see your interpretation of antlers. Stag ones, moose antlers, anything and everything.

Anyway lovely work on the horses. I can't wait to see your next creations.