Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun with Folicles

Not too long ago, I showed a hair style that I made for my Mardi Gras Masquerade outfit. I made it because I had a specific line in mind, that beautiful accenting of the neck, the Antoinette feel, royal and I needed it without bangs. I needed tall hair, that curled forward. I tried looking all over for something similar to what I had in mind, and failed! Thus, I was forced to make The Sweep:

I wore it to my Masque, and stole the show. But now after I had made it, and worn it, it sat in my inventory. I made it in a variety of colors, even passed it to the Fashion Consolidated Cafe ladies to see what they thought (they loved it). Yet I didn't have the same sort of variety I really wanted from it if I was going to sell it, and so I looked to have it scripted so that I could do things more efficiently. Thanks to Ziggy Puff who I can quite confidently say I will never be able to provide a scripting challenge for, and am so fortunate to be acquainted with, you have your choice of over 50 different colors, in 6 different groups.

The way I set this up is that when you pay the vendor, you'll have your option of having a set of ten different colors, grouped into Naturals, Jewels, Pastels, Crazies and Black Tips and White Tips. The black and white tipped ones are both tipped with the colors from the Jewels collection. Once you have your hair, all you need to do is just touch it to change the color. Now I had enough variety, and enough usability to sell it!

But do you sometimes watch cartoons or animated movies and wonder why no one has made hair like that yet? I certainly do! Now that I had my own hair style, and textures for it, I realized thanks to Pandora Wrigglesworth that hair in SL doesn't have to try to look like real hair. It can be made of anything, it can violate the natural laws of the universe, it can be five foot high and made of cotton candy, and it can be truly fabulous.

(This Bowl one is my personal favorite. It's "tame" compared to the others, and I love the way the tips look on it. Also, if you feel rather Emo, it looks fab if you stretch the bangs down over your eyes ;)

As I was doing the colors, especially the "Crazies", I found myself wondering "Who on all of SL would WEAR something like this?"

One name came immediately springing into my mind:

The incomparable, the impeccable, the ever fabulous queen of color herself, Swirly Cyclone. Upon receiving hair with her namesake, she squealed and asked if this was the tallest hair on SL. If it is, it is certainly appropriate that it bears her name! In fact, it's half the height of the lady herself, which I was thrilled to coerce into being my model for it.

Now, if that wasn't enough fun, to have a tower of hair raising the necessary average height of prefab ceilings across the grid, there is also the Must Have fashion accessory of the spring season.

Haven't you always wanted one? I'm well aware that I have a male avatar, who looks quite good in facial hair, but I wanted to capture the whimsy, the silliness, and the spirit with which I first made these. I also find that they accentuate the beauty of the feminine features! They come in the same varieties and colors as the hair, but they're available in transfer as well.

Personally, I'm enjoying sporting the Fu Man Chu:

They're terribly comfy, and I think we'll be seeing these on the inserts of Vogue.


Miriel Enfield said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you were making big hair!

And the pictures of you wearing the mustaches made me giggle.

Alzubra Jetaime said...

Omg I <3 you.

SL is mostly too serious, even I have been victim to it. It's all about fun and fantasy keep it up!