Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Undead Jesus Day!

I don't think St. Patty's and Easter have ever been so close together, certainly not in my lifetime, and I heard not in my mother's either! It means you didn't get a chance to recover from your OD on Guinness before you OD'd on Cadbury eggs and jelly beans, and it means that again, I'm mildly late in blogging my freebie, but not in releasing it.

Last year I released a simple, "edible" chocolate mask that had jelly beans on it. To me, Easter means exactly that, chocolate and jelly beans (we weren't that religious). So I sent out another mask on Sunday that is quite nibbleable, and in fact I couldn't resist biting an ear off of mine:

Best thing about Second Life chocolate masks... is they won't melt on your face! You can fish this out of the notices of Masqueraderie like the top hat :)

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