Wednesday, March 9, 2011

King & Queen of Carnevale

So you might have taken a peek at the preview from my last post, and I hope I had you intrigued about this year's event masks. Every year I release two new masks (male and female) for my masquerades, and I like to make them something special.

The King of Carnevale is a luxuriously detailed and regal mask. Taking a closer look is rewarded with delicately unfurled wings and a crowning flourish. In the center is a single gem, able to be changed to any of the twelve colors offered in my jewelry.

The Queen of Carnevale offers some subtle differences... fit for a softer face and with a less imposing profile, it's no less grand. The wings at the corners of the brow are spread, and the shape is more tapered and elegant. Together, they make a a pair that is undeniably regal.

I hope you'll come by and try them on, as always scripted demos are available at the store :)

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