Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Carnivale Marketplace

As I mentioned before, I've been working on a new area of the sim. I'm very happy to say that I am being joined by some wonderfully talented artists and creators.

Joining me on Carnivale are the following stores:

TRAP & Penumbra by Selos Dae and Kriket Pimpernel as always, with their completely hand drawn skins, imaginative and fanciful tattoos, and anime inspired hair.
[Gauze] by Yukio Ida, and her stunning faun legs and shimmeringly beautiful mermaid tails
Evie's Closet by Evangeline Miles, with her elegant and luxurious fantasy outfits
Lassitude & Ennui, by Jackal Ennui, and her selection of meticulously crafted fantasy and steampunk footwear and jewelry
Studio Sidhe, by Faery Sola, offering fantasy pose props for decoration and photography

and most especially Deviance Designs, by Surreal LeShelle, who is officially moving her main store to Carnivale. I'm very proud to have her join me, and I feel that together Illusions and Deviance will make quite a partnership.

I'm incredibly pleased to have such talented people join me on the sim, and I hope that together Carnivale can quickly become the place to go to purchase the very best the fantasy genre has to offer in Second Life. A lot of thought went into my selection, and I offer invitations only to original creative artists, who have a dedication to their work and a pursuit of excellence and uniqueness.

A few others are still trickling in, and there will be other names that you see floating around in the marketplace plaza. I set aside a small square which will serve as a place for vendors who only want or need a small space. For example, !Elate, who normally does modern fashion, has put up the beautiful goddess gown she made for Swansong.
Even if fantasy isn't what fuels your passion for Second Life, I invite you to come by and explore. I've given this build the best I have to offer, and if you're familiar with my work I'd hope that would at least warrant a look ;)

Won't you come visit?

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