Saturday, July 10, 2010


Even though Corvus was my original vision and the realization of a fantasy I had, I realized it would be a shame to neglect those that are more delicate and pure. Not everyone is as brazen or as dark as a crow, so perhaps they are a dove instead.

Truly the face of sweetness and peace, Columba is the latin word for dove. Another full head mask, it really captures the personality of the gentle and monogamous bird. Either that or the sneaky type of dove that you know are out there, that'll peck your fingers when you're not expecting it.

And with a white dove mask, you need a white dress. Not just a recolor, it's a re-imagining. I don't have a story for it but maybe you do.

They're really the perfect outfits for an angel, or the perfect companions to Corvus. I especially have grown to love the pieces from the suit. They're versatile and the white shirt alone will go beautifully with any historical outfit past the 1700's you can think of. I included every layer for it and it's available on its own without needing to buy the set, as are the wings and wrist cuffs.
These turned out to be the perfect little angel wings, if you're not in the mood to have the full expanse of my older wings. They add a fluffy innocence to your avatar and go with absolutely anything.

I saw a lot of guys wearing these cuffs as bracers, which is something I really didn't think of. So I've included the option to get them in large or small now, so that guys can wear them more easily.

I've sent demos out to my group, Masqueraderie as per usual, so if you want to have them delivered to you directly, make sure to join :)


Anonymous said...

You'll want to change the graphic for the Columba Suit. . .it says 'Silk Shit' instead of shirt. lol

Seindria said...

I picked up the wings and the bracers, so happy to see them in white. :3

I'm sure I'll pick up the dress and suit soon.

Love love love love!!

Siyu said...

LOL Anonymous, yes, that might be a good idea! Haha, thank you, I'll change it immediately XD

Thank you Snowhawk, it sounds like it will be absolutely perfect for you :)