Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corvus & Columba Flickr Contest

I've been seeing some really great pictures using pieces of the Corvus and Columba sets popping up in the Illusions Flickr stream. These outfits really are well suited to SL photography and so I think it's time for a Flickr contest!

I want to see what sort of marvels you can create using these two photogenic and versatile sets. The pieces long to tell a story, and I would really love to get an idea of how you envision them. The winners will receive Angel Cards loaded up with points to spend at Illusions, along with glory and bragging rights of course.

The rules are basically this:

Use at least one piece of either Corvus or Columba as an integral piece of your outfit (can't be hidden away and has to obvious you're wearing it)

Don't submit something that requires a Safe Search filter, since winners will be posted on my blog

Your image has to be of an avatar from SL, no body morphs

Submit your image to the Illusions pool on Flickr by July 31st for it to be counted

You can submit as many images as you like, though if too many similar pictures are submitted I will only accept the ones I feel are best. You can mark your pictures with CCC at the beginning of the title if you want, it's not a requirement.

I'll be considering the overall use of the pieces in the outfit, the editing and composition, and the illustrative quality of your image.

The winner will win an Angel Card with 1000 points on it, which can be used to get yourself 1000L worth of merchandise from my store! I'll also display your picture here on my blog and in the store (with a link back to your Flickr stream if you like). There will be more cards passed out to other submissions that I find exceptional, I'm leaving the exact amount open so that you can be confident that if you submit an exceptional entry, you will be rewarded!

The deadline to be July 31st, about two and a half weeks, so that you have some time to think over a concept and to get a chance to really put something special together. I really can't wait to see what you do with these pieces, what I've seen already has surprised and delighted me and that was just you guys playing around. I know what I was imagining when I made these outfits, show me what you see.

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Seindria said...

... I think I shall have to recreate the pictures I took now, since SL forgot my photo settings. :3