Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep a light with you

It's not often I can grant a wish, but sometimes I do come through.

Skin by Tuli, Dress by Evie's Closet
Keep a light with you this solstice, but stay far away from the smoke alarm.

Last year I released a pair of antlers so fabulous, they had to be limited so they could be coveted and worshiped as they deserved. Yet all through the year I've been asked about them, and I've been biding my time until the solstice to give them an heir.

These are by no means as epic or awe-inspiring as the Odocoleinae Lumina, I mean for starters you can actually see yourself in frame when you take a picture of them. But they are beautiful, regal, elegant and distinctive, as well as festive in their own right. Drips of wax hang down from the angular reaches of the antlers and get in your hair, and the delicate flickers of glowing flames illuminate your way so you don't need a flashlight. These are scripted to change the antler's texture as always, but they also change the texture of the candles to black, silver, or dark brown wax. You can easily turn the actual candle light off or on through the menu as well.

These are not limited, they're a permanent addition to my antlers collection, so you can breath a sigh of relief that you have time to nab them. If you missed the Odocoleinae Lumina, you can still have these :) And they're 375L, as opposed to the 1750L of the limited edition.

If you're a purist and the candles aren't your thing, or maybe you're a bit short on cash, the plain ones are also available for 250L :)

Men can totally wear girl's hair (hair by Maitreya)
These are available now at Carnivale

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