Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Years

I was sitting on this post for a bit, until I could figure out how to finish it.

October 14th marked my third year in Second Life. So I threw a little shindig on the Indigo Rose the other day, and took a little time to reminisce about how much has changed since then. That's what rezdays are for!

When I first logged on, I was ugly as hell (but enjoyed making outfits out of the freebies I did have), and after some fumbling and camping and other noobie things I found refuge on the Limbo sim and made my first objects. The first rose I made, was a mere ten days after I joined. Varda coming out around the same time is a very happy and appropriate coincidence!

I'm excited for another year. It's hard to imagine what ways I'm going to change and what I'm going to learn and pick up. Evolution is impossible to avoid when you push yourself as hard as you can towards excellence. So here's to the hope of perfection... one of the things that keeps me going :)


Zoe Demar said...

Congrats to you, Siyu!

Chance Greatrex said...


Roenik Newell said...

Congratulations! The grid wouldn't be the same without you! You bring a unique style with your work :)