Sunday, May 24, 2009

The sale is over now, and now I have to be all explanatory for my absence for the past few weeks. The longer I go without posting the harder it gets to just sit down and write an entry.

I've been feeling very stressed recently, and unfortunately that means that I lost my will to work for a while. I wanted to escape and watch movies and play games and basically goof off and try to get my head back around to a place where I could achieve something. It happens maybe twice a year, it seems.

Now that I'm starting to get my act together again, I do have a few half-finished projects that should be able to be completed without my taxing my creativity much. I've gotten abhorrently behind on my ear skin tone requests (if you have requested one, I'm so sorry!), and I'm planning on updating and clarifying the way my elven ears work. Right now the vendors are so confusing, I get more questions about how those work than anything else store related.

Anyway, sorry to have gone all clammed up on you. Nothing is really wrong, I'm just going through some RL tension which getting back to work and releasing things will fix.

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Broken Doll said...

Just glad to hear you are doing ok, hun. :) Everyone needs a break now and then.