Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For being one of the most ubiquitous masks in Venice, the Volto certainly doesn't make many appearances in my store. This is something I long to change, because I love the mystique and appeal of completely changing your visage just by holding up an object. That must be one of the plethora of reasons I love masks.

The problem with the Volto is that they are very tricky and very technically difficult to craft well, and so I let them slide while I work on other challenges. But with my recent experimentation with torus masks (having a real hole be in them), basically this mask simply had to be made.

As a Gemini myself, I'm quite familiar with being multi-faceted, as is anyone who presents different sides of themselves to different people. But honestly, beyond the symbolic representations of the complexities of personality, a split down the center mask just looks cool. And so you can wear it with one half or the other, and change each side to any combination of the 11 colors included. You can do the same with the lips, and have them the same color on each side, or opposite, or maybe have a black and white mask with red lips or even no lips at all. The options are completely there for you to show whatever side of you your whimsy decides on.

The unfortunate part about my doing masks out of torii is that to do eye holes, there will always have to be two. I can't have the same silky unified look of any of the other masks, there will always be a seam or a seperation or an asymmetry. So though this is a big step forward for me, I don't think I can completely throw my other methods aside. It's good to have choices though :)

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