Monday, February 23, 2009

Les Roi et Reine du Mardi Gras

On Saturday Juana Manuel and Khamudy Mannonen were awarded with the two event masks, and the title of Mardi Gras King and Queen for being the most fabulously dressed of fabulously dressed folks.

For the design, I decided to do something a bit more contemporary. I've been loving being able to use torii for each mask half, as well as oblong sculpts, and so I was able to meld the two together into something elegant, modern, fun and interesting.

When names fail you, head to the translator :P I didn't just want to call it "Mardi Gras __ 2009", so I went for the next best thing. Next year I'll probably be forced to make it Italian!

Anyway, enjoy these, they should have some of the best fits of any larger masks, and beware of feathers getting lost in hair.

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