Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gronch & Grim

If there is any other time of the year aside from Mardi Gras that keeps me busy, there's no doubt it's Halloween. With the jewelry expo coming up in almost a week, Halloween in a month, I need to get the many things I've been sitting on out from under my butt and out onto the walls of the store.

My last post was about the Goblin Masque, but how could I expect you to show up all gobliny if I don't give you something to work with? The next masks and accessories I release (exempting the new jewelry for the expo) will all be something you could wear to the masque!

Starting with Gronch

This is a much darker mask than I normally make, obviously. I think my favorite part about it, is that its asymmetrical. I noticed when I changed my head angle in my AO, turning and shifting its position changed its expression completely, so one moment it was giving you a devilish eyebrow, the next it was giving you a grim and solemn look. It's extremely versatile and looks good on women and men. I also strayed a bit from my usual pallette of rich true colors, to give it darker, grittier and more washed out look. You can see the colors when you try the demo :)

Speaking of grim...
Again, a very different mask from my normal repertoire. Who would have thought I had it in me! This one was very tricky to get right, but inspired and egged on by my friend Melly she pushed it to be what it is. Apparently this mask is kind of from a movie called Army of Two. Kind of, because Melly showed me a picture and told me what she liked about it, and then I took it and what I liked about it, and as usual made it my own. I wanted it to seem less like a mask than another face almost, sort of like your entire head. The mask has the same sort of dark, muted pallette of colors as Gronch, and they look great with fantasy colored skins. The buckles I put on for myself, and then realized they looked so good I'd keep them. The best part about them is that they work seamlessly with hair, so that anything other than the shortest of short hair or mohawks will hide them perfectly.

Auntie Siyu is coming by for dinner!

Oh, and because I think I might be asked, and also because I think this outfit is AWESOMESAUCE, here are the deets:

Top/Pants outfit: Meltdown by The Abyss
Jacket: Steampunk Jacket by Out of the Blue
Skirt: Can't remember the name, but it's by +Susie+
Hair: Gibson Girl by Miriel
Eyes and Skin: []TRAP[], and the grayscale skin should be released in October.


Anonymous said...

Niiice. The gray shot reminds me of Raga:

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd! Scarbie does not want Auntie Siyu coming to dinner, she's SCARY! *cry*