Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alright, yes, that was a little longer to wait for an update than it should have been. You can partly blame Will Wright (praise be to Spode), but also the effect of time inertia on blogging. The longer you wait between entries, the more important you feel your returning blog entry should be, and so it becomes subject to procrastination as you keep hoping something amazing will happen that will make the perfect "come back entry".

On the other hand, sometimes just a good smack from a loyal reader helps too :) (♥)

Despite a small virtual galactic detour, I actually have accomplished things. In fact, today I worked pretty much all day. I actually have two things almost ready for release, all I need to do is make up the vendors for them! And I started work on a few remakes and additions to make up my collection at the Jewelry Expo (it's coming up pretty darn soon), and I have to clean up some textures and jagged edges on some very interesting goblin masks. I think you'll find they're incredibly different from my normal modus operandi, and should be perfect for Halloween.

To apologize for my silence, here's a preview picture of what's coming very soon, hopefully within the next couple of days.


Ocelot :3 said...

Wow, looks neat and I'm really excited!

Who's the tattoo by, anyway? It's a very striking combination.

Terry Toland said...

Weee~! I can see that having a lot of "facial" combinations and features. Excellent work, Siyu! :D

Nef said...

Ocelot, the tattoo is actually an entire skin that Selos Dae just released, called Heart. I absolutely love it, so much that before she did the rest of the colors, she viciously forced me to make my outfit RED XD But now she has a lot more colors, I love them. They're at her store, next to mine on Carnivale :)

Hehehe thanks Green, exactly what I was planning on. The scales and the face change independently so you can be any combination you like, including white and pink it you wanted, haha!

Or... obviously, black and green ;)

Polly Pavlova said...

Spode? Did you mean Spore? If so, I'm totally in the same boat!