Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goblin Masque 2008

A long time coming, and actually originally intended for summer, there is one time the creatures and animals and dark unseelie fae can creep out from the shadows. The Goblin Masquerade...

Start getting together the trappings of an arcane and whimsical being of the underground and underbrush. Shop for the glistening wings of a flittering creature that steals socks or tips your cup over! And make sure you save the date, I only apologize for not getting it to you sooner.

The theme is that of the dark fairy, the unseelie, the spirits of the underworld and the sprites of the dark places. The animals that hide in the woods and the creatures that frolic when the moon is gone and the sky is dark!

While picking your costumes out though, please remember the rules from the last masquerade. They're put in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities, without swimming in soup.

Please keep your prim attachments in total to 200 or less.
You can double check how close you are to the limit by using build, and holding down shift to click each item you're wearing. The build window will display the collected total of those prims.

Streamline your AO, or leave it at home
Nobody likes looking like a noob while being a wallflower. However, if you don't plan to dance, fill a veritably lag free, low prim ZHAOII with your two or three favorite stands. You don't need a walk or any other anim if you're not moving. Otherwise, just go without.

No particles, and no listening scripts
Turn that bling off, and make sure you don't have any items on you that respond to chat commands. Try to avoid scripted items at all if possible.

As always, there will be a costume contest, determined by vote, to vie for the title of King or Queen of the Goblins. Two unreleased, themed masks will be awarded as the prizes, along with 1500L each. I will also have the 150L fee to join the Masque group raffled off to the members, the winner receiving 5000L. I will also have an item raffle ball, giving out items from my store!

Make sure you join the group early, do not put it off because you don't have a group slot. Spots will go surprisingly fast, and I will refuse to add a single soul more than 50. I will, however, have a waiting list just in case anyone leaves the group, which has happened before. There will still be hope to get in even if you hear about it too late.

Masks are required, but a freebie mask will be included, which is the mask shown in the invite. I know the costume rules are tough to follow, especially when it's so tempting to go for the excess, but I have the utmost faith in your creativity to be able to work around the limitations, and flourish. I can't wait to see you there.

Illusions Goblin Masque
Friday, October 24th, 6PM SLT

Illusions Event Hall, Carnivale
(Join the "Illusions Goblin Masque 2008" Group)
Formal Dress and Mask Required

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