Friday, August 29, 2008

I did my "homework" today! Hurray, I made my way through no less than eight different ear skin tones that I had had notecards for waiting in my inventory. I've been so bad about them, one request was from mid July... eek. Luckily that person was very understanding and was quite sympathetic, I didn't charge them for it. But ugh, they all blend together after a while. And I want to smack someone whenever I see Redgrave on the card... ugh, their demos are NOT "ear tone friendly".

I created something beautiful the other night... something I've sketched and drawn very distinctly throughout my whole life. Literally! Over the years a very specific shape and style has manifested itself, and like my fiance said, it's like I plucked one of them out of my sketches and put it into a 3d reality. I made a dragon mask :) And it's peeerdy. Hopefully I'll have pictures of it tomorrow, if I post.

The if is because I'm going away for the weekend to go ren fairing, weeee! Time to play dress up, wear my RL mask and shop for more. And I get to show Bonnie (the woman who made the ORIGINAL swan hat that inspired Gracile) a few snaps of how much people have loved wearing that hat. I might have limited internet access, but if I log on at all it will be only to resolve failed transactions, any other CS I'll probably be doing over email.

I'll be talking to a few real mask makers there. Last year I spoke to the very talented Wendy Klein (now Wendy Drolma, she changed her name to the Tibetan word for Tara), and she offered to make one or a few of my designs real. This entire year I've struggled to come up with designs that would be unique enough and distinctive enough to be worthy of it, with the same sort of focus on form that she excels at. The only mask I've made that comes close to what I'm looking for I think is Le Fleur. But I have some sketches... hopefully now that I've created a base selection of more simple masks, going into the next year I'll be able to make more elaborate ones. How cool would that be though? Owning a real Siyu mask with your avatar having matching one?

Hehe, ok I'm off to bed, but looking forward to this weekend.


Terry Toland said...

I'm so jealous! Our local RenFaire moved to a larger faire ground, but then the county up and decided that they couldn't get a health permit! It's outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just browsing around and noticed that you made mention of my name and site. Thanks for that. My name is now Wendy Drolma (formerly Wendy Klein). I changed it this past January. It's not as the result of getting married (I've been married for 10 years now). Drolma is the Tibetan word for Tara. Hope you're having a great day!

Nef said...

Thanks Wendy! I didn't realize that when I had posted, but I'll edit it now to fix that :) Thanks for clarifying!

And Green, that's so sad! Hopefully they won't stop at that, and maybe try a county over or so. Maybe you'll be able to find another Renfair a few hours away, they tend to be worth the gas ;)

Terry Toland said...

Unfortunately, the Faire we typically go to is pretty much the last one of the year, and I really don't have a car to put gas in. Not the best driver in the world, either. We're all hoping that next year will be better, especially after all the effort they put into clearing the grounds for what would have been this year's event.