Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pricing Thoughts (for renting)

Ok, so I got out my calculator and sketched together some thoughts about the prices of my tree house apartments. The infrastructure is pretty much in place, I think I know how things flow, I just need to do detail work like adding sitting areas and privacy options, making specialized furniture, some sort of elevator to get up there, and landscaping the bottom to something more appealing when you inevitably plummet after a clumsy landing.

Right now there are nine units (wooot! I met my goal!), with four "lofts" and five full apartments. Basically the difference is that a full apartment has more space, with an area that could be used for sitting and lounging and a spot where you could put a bed or a photo studio if you needed. A loft is much smaller, and much higher, and basically only gives you enough space to put up some chairs and a posing stand (but the views are phenomenal). Every tree has its own sort of common area, where the residents can meet together, decorate together, or just hang out. I've already decided that as a tenant of the island, you'll have these rights:

♦ At least 350 prims, possibly 400, to decorate with and to work on your own projects either up in your home, or in one of your common areas.
♦ Use of the event hall once every six months, possibly more if there's a need for it.
♦ The option of having your space be furnished with furniture made by me that fits the theme of the tree house. (But owned by you, and so counting toward your prims, but I'll make 'em lean and mean to the best of my abilities.)
♦ Be a part of an exclusive community (muahaha) of awesome, artistic, and fabulous friends. I won't be letting just anyone rent here, so issues with neighbors should be minimal, and a feeling of camaraderie is probably going to be the biggest part of what makes this place special. Already I have a few friends reserving spots, so the people I choose to accept will be people I feel will get along well with the current tenants (and me!).
♦ Be able to request reasonable changes to your environment, such as additional sitting areas in the branches around you or expansions where I agree are appropriate. Also, furniture suggestions as to things you'd like added to your area.
♦ Conflict resolution with your neighbors to the best of my abilities as a mediator.

For that, I've decided to try out pricing the lofts at $5000L per month, and the full apartments at $6500L per month. This will really relieve a lot of my tier payment and along with that, money worries about paying bills and food expenses etc. It's been a while since I didn't have a steady $L income though, so I'd like to know if these numbers are unrealistic or too high for interested people. So let me know in the comments if this seems fair, of if you've thought of a perk you think I could add to sweeten the deal.


Terry Toland said...

Hmmm... *leaves a note inworld in your suggestion box* <3

Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

that's pretty much what I would have suggested rent wise. I wish I wasn't putting in for an open space to art up or i'd put in to live on your island lol. awesomeness sue! keep up the fun stuff.