Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ok so apparently I win the "under a rock" award for my ignorance to the existence of the Footwear Expo, especially when, looking today, there were blog posts after blog posts saying how exciting everyone was for its opening today.

Happily, I have friends who are more in the know than I am! Delora Starbrook IM'd me asking if I'd like a preview and come see the expo, and of course I suddenly was wondering why I hadn't heard about it, and why didn't I have a stall! After all, I just released all my kickass pirate boots! Luckily Delora and Phoenix just baaarely squeezed me in on the Rezzable Explore sim. Normally I like to release something new or make something special for the expos I participate in, but given that I just had a few short hours, I went for something simple. Vendors were asked to donate proceeds of one or a few of their items for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and so I pulled something together last minute.

They're simple and minimalist, but they have nice clean lines and I hope they'll suit anyone in a blue mood.

I set out my pirate boots my harlequin boots, and my old bard boots. I'm not sore about not being invited, I know I'm much better known for other things. I'm starting to realize how odd it is for me to have such a range of items that I'm eligible for.. what, four different yearly conventions? O.o It's a little overwhelming, but at least I know where my priorities lie (unless they start a hat convention).


Sai Pennell said...

OMG. I will definitely be making a beeline to your stall tomorrow (hopefully with the lag dies down a bit)

Terry Toland said...

Just watch, now that you've mentioned it, someone will come out with a Headwear Convention. XD

Kinda' be amusing if they had a Body Parts convention. Include horns, ears, tails, wings, and a *coughs* other appendages. :P