Monday, July 7, 2008

It looks like I might not be completing a couple more pirate hats, at least not quite yet (it might still be my next release). Right now I found myself moved to work on my apartment complex, which I had the rough idea for having in a tree with stone towers around it. Well, once I finished my pirate stuff and after taking a short break, suddenly my idea took off. All of a sudden things are coming together beautifully (for once, damnit) with this build. I keep working on it late into the night and seeing the sun come up as I tweak these lovely vaulted platforms. So far it has a really nice flow, and although people won't have much privacy, they'll have one hell of a view.

This new build emphasizes even more that feel of a commune, of a bunch of hippy artists living in a tree. It's all connected, there are no doors, yet there are still isolated platforms where you can have your own personal space and set up your furniture, and be to yourself if you need it.

It was working so well with the tree, that I decided I would take a moratorium on the stone towers idea (not completely thrown out, I might still use them) and just make another couple of enormous trees, and have a tree top town connected with rope bridges. It really is something I've never seen anything like in SL and I think it'll give the feel of living in Lothlorien, which just goes along with my hobbit hole :) I'll post more pictures as I make more progress.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

Terry Toland said...

Goodness, Lotto, Siyu doesn't care if you comment on her blog. Provided you're not spamming it with advertisements. :P

Anyways, since, Carnivale is a PG sim, privacy shouldn't be as huge an issue. And heck, people can always use IMs if they need to be secretive. I look forward to seeing the finished 'Swiss Family Suen' house complete! XD