Friday, July 18, 2008

I've felt my paranoia level spike over the past couple of days, which I guess is only expected. Something that stuck with me: when I stated in the group that had received the ill gotten loot that it was mine, someone actually had the gall to say "it didn't look anything like the SLX ad". Obviously they didn't even click the link, but it made me want to go back and point to irrefutable proof that I was the original maker. With most of the Piratey Goodness collection, I stamped the sculpted prims with my signature so anyone looking in the object tab would see my name. But older masks like the Guy Fawkes and pretty much anything that I haven't made quite recently have pretty random object names and no stamps on their sculpts.

I'm feeling demoralized and uninspired, so rather than retreat into Cute Overload, the SLU forums, or Guild Wars, I've been wanting to go back and make myself feel a little better by stamping my sculpts. Since I'll be going over old territory once again, I wanted to ask you guys how you felt about my possibly scripting the old masks where it's appropriate. This would raise the average price of my masks, but obviously it would be like buying a fatpack with each one.

This sort of project would take some effort, I'd need to redo my onrez/slx listings and items, as well as touch up vendor pictures to include more information. I'd be touching up mostly the masks, because those are the items I know for sure are sticking around for a while. Let me know with a few comments if you'd be willing to pay about 75-150 more per mask to have every color included, and if this is how you'd like me spending some of my time. I'll definitely be stamping my masks either way though.

Thanks again for your kind words and your support, I've been snarky and grumpy and I'm still waiting on a final resolution. The copybotter and his alt are banned, but I won't pretend that I think he's permanently gone. I'm waiting for the items to be blacklisted, and if they aren't in two days some poor Linden concierge is going to be getting an earful.


Sai Pennell said...

This really sucks that it happened to you - and it really irritated me to no end. Stoopid content thieves. T_T

I think it's great you will be going back to stamp your creations - it will definitely help in the long run, I think. :D

And - for paying more... Usually, I can never decide which color of item I want, and end up just not getting any all. So, if you include all your colors in one mask, I think it would be awesome. :D Prepare to receive all meh monies. XD

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the troubles. Hope you manage to get the stolen items removed without having to put too much more energy into it.

I'm another one who often can't decide what color I want, especially for accessories, so I always think that scripted, all-in-one options are great. Definitely great value even at a higher price.

Terry Toland said...

Awww, poor Siyu. Don't let others stick their dirty fingers into your awesomesauce-attitude! Not only can you make gorgeous items, but you've just told us how you can protect them, too, which is great!

My suggestion would be to have maybe one or two 'basics' with some of the simpler masks (like one that switches between black and white, or have one that's just black and one that's white) in addition to the fat-pack scripted one. For, I'll be honest- some days, I just want the black one or the white one to add the finally icing on my cakey-outfit. This would also provide a variety of prices, as there are some sticklers out there.

Me personally, I love you oodles, so I try to save my pennies to get your creations. I say try as I have a bad impulse habit at other stores. *hides her Lazy Places equine boots*

Ama said...

When I have the ready to buy, I have been checking in your store first. I would be willing to pay extra for the magic mask that is everything, just like I am saving up for the everyboot pack in the Piratey Goodness collection.

If you feel moved to do the extra work to revise the older items, I will still buy them, and send friends to buy them.

stella said...

Hello Siyu,
Sorry to be leaving this message on your comments, but I could find no other contact for you. Your yahoo address kept bouncing back. I work for a non-profit agency that serves people living with HIV/AIDS in northern NM. Please visit our website: We are very interested in using your art to promote our biggest fundraising event of the year. Please write to me at Thanks so much.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Suen,

Please accept my sympathies for your current troubles as well.

As to the scripting: Paying that little an amount extra for a selection of colours would be easily justified, as it ads much more flexibility to the use of the mask. I would appreciate that option.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

i'm a day late and a dollar short- but I love texture change items. Shoes, jewelry, masks. Unfortunately, what I like is not what everyone else likes as on SLX everyone was complaining about having texture change jewelry. I'm pro less strain on the asset db with scripted texture change items- yes I am. :)

And since I read a whole bunch I want to say I hope that the copybot thing gets resolved to your satisfaction. Very strange how in some instances items are removed immediately but in others it's like 'wtf slow as dirt'. :(