Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Siyu Direction

Things have just been going my way lately!! I talked to the ever helpful and informative Miriel who passed on the wonderfully clever way Nephilaine Protagonist has been protecting her sculpted prims, and so now I need not worry about making mine mod!! I'm absolutely delighted at this, and the news couldn't be better... I guess the pirate stuff I've already released is still at risk, but only from the people who've already bought it.. for I've replaced them with the safer versions :)

Here's the trick for those of you who want to protect your own sculpted prims and yet have them mod: Make it a targa, and make the whole thing alpha channeled. I was worried it was going to ruin the shape, but nope! nada! And of course it probably won't stop the people who really are hardcore about getting to it, but that goes for everything.

My project that I haven't disclosed quite yet is going VERY well, today was a good day for development, made a couple of new textures and new forms and variations, and I think it's almost ready for release. Maybe even expect tomorrow for quite the ground breaking addition to my collection...

I also have something delightfully well timed to share... as soon as I logged on today after posting below about the Bast mask, someone IM'd me absolutely begging and dying to buy it! I KNEW there was someone out there it was waiting for, and we both remarked delightedly upon her luck and how wonderful it was that the right person was going to get it :) So, I can now say that the Bast mask is officially sold out, and so this Sunday you can expect the release of Horus.

I'd better get to work on him then O.o

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