Friday, April 24, 2020

Illusions @ Fantasy Faire 2020

 Oh hey there. 

With all that's going on in the world at the moment, I'm relieved and happy that Fantasy Faire is happening again this year.  With so many of us having to stay home and avoid gatherings, Second Life can provide a way for people to come together and socialize safely. It's also a celebration of the fantasy genre in Second Life as well as contributing to Relay for Life, so of course I crawled out of my hole once again to make a few pretty things.

It's been longer than I'd like to think about since I last released a Bauta, a classic Venetian mask that's long been a staple of Venetian Carnivale.  I'm long due for a new rendition. 

The Bauta has a unique shape that, when worn, actually changes and deepens the sound of your voice.  So if you're out and about and up to some discrete debauchery, not only does the mask disguise your face, but your voice as well.  Plus, you can drink wine while wearing it, which is a part of all good debauchery sessions.

But of course I can't do anything so plain without elevating it with my favorite thing: curls and swirls.  The Bauta Barocco might seem a bit familiar, because the Mezza Barocco is kind of its sibling. I've been wanting to use the library of pieces I made for that mask for a while, so this project was a way to do that.  I still intend to elevate a few more basic mask shapes with these details in the future, so you can expect more members of the family.... eventually.

Of course, for Fantasy Faire, one needs to have an item that donates the proceeds to Relay For Life, The Bauta Diamonte is a classic pattern often found on Bautas, evoking Arlecchino (or more often known as Harlequin).  I've also put out the Shikoba necklace from last year out for just 25L.

These items can be found at my Fantasy Faire stall on the gorgeous Zodiac sim.  It's such a treat to once again be on Alia Baroque's build, as he always does a gorgeous job and I find our respective styles complement each other beautifully.  I recommend exploring the entire sim, there are many details and picturesque views to enjoy.

See you there :)

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