Thursday, April 18, 2019

Illusions @ Fantasy Faire 2019

If there's one thing that can bring me back to SL each year, it's Fantasy Faire.  Since I'm still lurking on the outskirts of productivity, I've got another lovely thing this year to thank you guys for your patience.

I knew I didn't want to miss the biggest fantasy event of the year, so when I was wondering what to make I thought about things I'd like to wear, both in real life and on SL.  I actually made a pretty cool feather shoulder piece in real life for a costume, and it turned out pretty well, but on Second Life things can be... well, so much more.

So I made the feather mantle I wish I could make in real life!  Hey, maybe some day I will, but in the meantime, Siyu will be rocking it and you can too.  It comes in fits appropriate for either or a masculine or feminine avatar, but it's unrigged and modifiable because these days there are so many specialized shapes I wanted to play it safe.  It's scripted to texture change with three ribbon colors and twelve colors of my new feathers.  I'm really enjoying the new textures and shapes and I'm looking forward to finding more projects for them.

Speaking of, when one of my friends saw the new feathers, he made a great suggestion for a simple pendant. 

Shikoba is my RFL gift this year, which means "feather" in Choktaw.  The feathers are scripted to change texture so you can have the full range of colors that are available on the mantle in the pendant.  Along with the pendant, due to a friendly reminder from a customer recently, I've decided to put out a couple of old RFL masks as well for 50L each (the Sparrow and Chickadee masks).

These are all available at my booth on Midas, the gorgeous Mediterranean inspired sim by Alia Baroque.  It's a privilege to be on one of his sims again, he always does such a beautiful job!

The Fantasy Faire runs from April 18th to May 5th, and if you love fantasy items and themes in Second Life, or you're just an aficionado of cool sims and creative builds, don't miss it!


Miss D Ember said...

welcome back!

Cayenne said...

It's beautiful. Love your work ♥