Saturday, April 26, 2014

Carnivale will be closing May 15th

I have found a buyer for Carnivale.  I'm both excited and sad to share this news with you, as it makes the closure of the sim solid reality.  I'm pleased with the deal we've struck though, and I can tell you that it's going to a kind person who agreed to my terms and who is a fan of my work.  The build will be cleared with the transfer, but it gives me comfort at least to know that it wasn't going to a a "Rockefellian" land baron.

The official date of the transfer is May 15th.  On that day, Carnivale will be closed, moved and transferred to its new owner.  In the meantime, I'd like to announce the Goodbye Carnivale Contest.

The rules are simple: take a picture or series of pictures on Carnivale.  They can have a theme or not, they can be of people or not, but they have to showcase the build of Carnivale. The only other rule is nothing sexually explicit as the sim is rated G.  Beyond that, your imagination is the only limit.

What's your favorite place on the sim?  Where did you used to love to sit with your friends?  Where did you like to be while you shopped in the marketplace or wandered the halls?  Where is your favorite memory?

Submit them to the Illusions store group on Flickr.  I will be judging the pictures on May 15th, and awarding prizes of Angel Cards to my favorites.  They'll range in value from 100L up to 1000L if something really blows me away!

On May 10th I will be throwing a Goodbye Carnivale party at 3pm SLT.  Wear whatever you like, we'll be there to see the sim off in style.

I'm sad to bring this era of my Second Life to a close.  But I'm excited to see what will happen in the next.  Thank you for sharing this piece of my heart with me, and I hope you'll trust in me that I will make my new home even better.

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