Thursday, April 24, 2014

About Carnivale

Back in 2007, I had an honest to goodness patron of my work.  An extremely wealthy fan who loved my masks, gave me commissions, and even bought a sim to give me free reign of.  For a while I had fun on my completely rent free section of Second Life and I delighted in running rampant with it. However, after a year or so that patron left Second Life, and left me the sim.  Since then, I've been paying upkeep that I can't really afford and trying to use rentals in order to help out with the cost.

Things I've learned about myself are:

• I am too much of a softie with my friends to actually enforce rent
• I am too absent minded to keep track of who's renting when and for how long or how much they've paid, even with a rental system
• I am too lazy to keep an entire full size sim up to date with a build that suits my vision for it

Simply put, I'm not getting $295 USD a month worth of value out of it, and the pressure to do so is not something I want to deal with anymore.

After letting my friends know about this, the wonderful Kala Bijoux stepped up and offered me a place on her grandfathered tier sim called the Winged Isle.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to take it, since I know I'm a bit of a control freak and I didn't want to step on her toes, but she has promised me full creative control and is even open to changing the name to fit our new vision of it.  My new costs for maintaining my store would be a mere fraction of the former and I would still have control to manifest my imagination.

So Carnivale is officially for sale.  I'm looking for someone who will pay the transfer cost of $100USD, or someone who might be interested in purchasing the sim with a custom build on it.  If you're willing to buy my sim, I'm willing to build what you envision for it.  Depending on the build the cost would vary, so I'd charge an hourly rate but you would have a build made by me from whatever concepts you provide.

The only other condition I would have to ask, aside from the fee of the transfer, would be simply that you help Surreal and I redirect our traffic via a sign left up at the teleport hub.  Not forever, but hopefully for a couple of months to help with the upheaval.   If those terms sound amenable to you please feel free to contact me via IM, email or notecard.

This probably won't be happening in an immediate time frame, more likely over a month or two, but you should take some time to enjoy the build on Carnivale while it's still there.  Take a walk over the bridge, sit underneath the tree in the marketplace, maybe dance in the event hall.  If I do find a buyer and set a date for the transfer, you can be sure there will be a party the night before!

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