Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mezzadorno Mask

I'm doing a good job with my new year's resolution so far, keeping my projects short and sweet is incredibly refreshing and its wonderful for my morale. I have another beautiful mask done, these are just pouring out of me and I've been able to work on them straight through the day without getting to the point where I want to run off and eat a pint of ice cream! Bliss!

The Mezzadorno is in the same vein as the Perorno, but it has a different character and shape than its sibling. I also simply can't get enough of all of this filigree, I think the next mask I do might have even more. I found it hard to stop myself with this one, but any more and it started to get a bit "busy".

I've also noticed that there seems to be a rise in the incidence of spambots in the comments. Normally when I see the little notice that lets me know I have a comment, my heart jumps, I can barely wait for the page to load, what did that person say about my things!!.... oh, I can save a lot of money on blah blah blah. I can't bear the heartbreak. I might put comments to moderation, and its most certainly not your fault. If you're a real person you are more than welcome to post, unless you're not, in which case bugger off you spambot!


Broken Doll said...

You know... I can understand the feeling about the spambots and agree completely. As for the new mask, does the whole thing change color or can you change each of the three main prims individually?

Anonymous said...

I've been getting spambots too, which is partially why I made my blog have moderated comments to begin with.

The mask is as always incredible! Can't wait to get one! :-)

Nef said...

Thank you so much Guen :) And I guess I'm slow to the moderated comments party XD

And the prims all change together, Broken, same for the Perorno. I wanted a more uniform look so the focus would be on the filigree :) I think I'll do another one where the pieces are able to be changed individually but it will be less ornate.