Monday, July 2, 2007

I Killed Mozart

Releasing a new bauta! This one is just a single, sculpted prim, for the most ridiculously customizable fit imaginable. It can be squashed, stretched, smushed, flattened, anything you need for it to fit your face like it was made for it. It was/is the most popular type of mask worn during Carnivale, and was designed so that one could eat or drink without having to take it off. It is also my interpretation of the "male version" of the Domino, despite the fact that it was worn by both men and women. (Hint hint, even though it was made for a man, I've been wearing it around). It was more than just a mask, it was used like the Domino to hide your identity, or even your social status. If you wanted to forget about social protocol and hang loose with the commoners for an evening, it could be done! It's unique shape could even could disguise the voice! Not only that, but it was also the equivalent of a ski mask/balaclava in those days and could be used to hide the identity of many criminals. Hence the title of this post: supposedly a man wearing a bauta assassinated Mozart!

The bauta is traditionally associated with the tricorn hat and a large flowing over garment that drapes around the mask... but attempts at that didn't turn out so pretty, and I really wanted to make a cloak just for the men. I also wanted to show off the new hair I made...

After a sad search all around Second Life for clothing suitable to wear for that picture up there, I found only TWO Georgian Coats and absolutely no suitable hair! So since I delight in making that which has been neglected, unloved, or un-noticed, here is the Dauphin powdered wig. Frankly, I find my male avatar the most handsome he's ever been, and extremely distinguished! It especially looks extremely dashing from the back. I also know that not every modern man will enjoy the Dandy look, so I have a blonde, black, and brunette version. In case you can't see, it has a fun trailing pony tail with some flexi. Some people call Second Life hair wigs, since your avatar is bald underneath... but now, you can have a REAL wig.

Bauta Cloak, Hat and Mask: 250L
Dauphin Wig: 95L per color, 350L for 4

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