Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Siyu's Birthday!

The 17th is my real birthday (as opposed to my avatar's birthday which I've sadly forgotten two years in a row, now).  So, to celebrate, I've set my vendors to offer double Angel points on all purchases!  If you have an Angel card, wear it while purchasing any item in the store (excluding the bargain basement) and it will give you 20% back as points to spend on any other item in the store.  For example, purchasing an item for 500L with your Angel Card worn will give you enough to get a 100L item for free!  When redeeming your points, just side click the vendor and select "use card", and the vendor will treat it just like cash.

If you don't have an Angel Card, you can just pick one up in the atrium right next to the new releases for 0L.  No excuses to miss out on the chance to pick up something you've had your eye on!  The vendors go back to normal at the end of the day, June 18th.

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