Monday, November 14, 2011

Mythic Masks

They're finally ready! The event masks for the Mythic Masquerade are finally completed. I ran into a lot of problems and hurdles but after a few weeks they're finally ready. I ended up redoing a lot of things several times over but it was well worth it.

If you recall, I gave a preview of the mask a couple weeks ago. So, if you've seen that then you can see what an improvement this is.

The Mythic Masks are regal dragons, with crests of bone and outswept wings. The two versions have distinct personalities, and even though they're labeled as "male" and "female" please don't let that stop you from trying the opposite gender. They're made of mesh, so they're one solid prim. However, they're not weighted, so they can still be moved, stretched and modified just like a sculpt.

With these masks I wanted to really experiment with color. I've been pushing myself to go beyond my normal "hue+20" approach and branch out and explore the depths of gradients and accent colors. There are eighteen colors available for this mask, separated into two sets. The "Dark Dragon" colors are mainly black with colored highlights in my usual red through purple selection. But the "Elementals" are what I'm really proud of:

There are nine different elemental dragons, ranging from Ice and Fire to Gold, Silver and Twilight. I hope that when you look at these you can see what took me so long. A lot of fiddling with layer masks, gradients, brushing and filtering to bring to life such vibrant and varied options. I'm more proud of these than of any other texture or color selection I've done. I can't even pick a favorite! (Twilight might be an obvious choice but the Golden is so captivating...)

Please do come by and try out the demo, and see these colors for yourself.

Out now at the store: 600L
Dragon Queen Mask on the Marketplace: Buy it now
Dragon King Mask on the Marketplace: Buy it now

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rocio said...

I, if I had to opt for the purple mask as it is very like .. mmm do not know how it gives you a little bit of intrigue, even so, to go in a slightly more artistic I would choose:
The rose that: combines some colors that look great.
The blue that: combines various colors also are splendidly well.
Or the green with brown Clarita as it also combines several colors that I mean by that?
Ami that because I like these colors difernetes masks do not have to like all the others.

About what you told me what to combine many colors seems a splendid idea but of course is within a limit because that is not for example combining red with pink combine coloress but that you seem to stick, that are well.
Good luck and keep asking masks or want without fear.