Saturday, August 14, 2010

Siyu at SLCC

If you happen to be in Boston, I will be attending SLCC on both Saturday and Sunday. I will be accompanying my awesome and dangerously punny friend, Jen Shikami of 7Seas fishing who will be showing off her RL version of the game, which allows you to fish for buttons!

Jen has generously/foolishly lent me her button making press and I've been going wild, creating a range of buttons that feature slogans I made up (such as "I think you might need to rebake") as well as others using my items as an illustration (like the Esmerelda witch hat with "Witchy" beneath it). I'll be selling and distributing them, so if you catch me and you have a buck seventy-five on you, you can nab one and show your SL pride. If I have any left over after the con, I'll even consider mailing any to you if you're willing to pay for shipping!

I'll also be selling prints of some of my favorite pictures on Flickr, in case you're interested in owning a physical copy. I got a bit full of myself and signed the backs of them. They come framed, so I think they'll make a nice memento. Again, if I have any left over I'll be happy to sell them to you guys if you're willing to pay shipping.

Wish me luck, and I hope I run into a few of you there!

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