Sunday, February 14, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Hearts? Pink? Red? Nah, you've had enough of that. How about some frickin' TIGER stuff huh? That's right, it's the year of the tiger, officially the most awesome year of Chinese astrology aside from the dragon, but you can't go and see a dragon at the zoo (oh how we can wish though). So, the year of the tiger is officially the most badass year of the existent animals. And they can eat you, which is bonus awesome.

I wasn't going to waste the opportunity to skip on the hearts, and so my update group gets to have what's no doubt a welcome change of pace from V-day. You can fish this out of the notices of Masqueraderie for the next 14 days, but make sure to get it today so you can wish everyone a happy new year!

I'm proud of myself with this mask, because I took a chance to explore painting directly onto the model rather than relying completely on materials and prims to do my detail work. It took me a long and frustating several hours just struggling with the markings on the forehead (grrrr!) but I'm happy with the results and I do feel I learned something. Unfortunately textures still get too distorted on the sculpt for high detail work, but for this its just fine.

Anyway, tigers are awesome. People born in the year of the tiger are adventurous, dynamic and impulsive. They're affectionate and passionate and love attention, and may have a tendency to get in your face if you haven't fed them and maybe shun you if you come home smelling like another tiger. They're also generous, charismatic, snuggly, and they love sunbeams and young children named Calvin.

Kung hei fa choy!

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Anonymous said...

Kung hei fa choy back at ya! The mask looks stunning. Congrats on a job well done. Did you use a mirror to obtain the facial markings, oh tiggered one? ;o)