Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Odocoleinae Challenge: Results

It was simply scintillating seeing a steady stream of sylvan sylphs strutting their stunning spiky spirits. There certainly was no lack of fabulous personalities, and I'm happy to say I can eat my words. I had plenty of pictures to choose from, but three folks especially just leaped out at me.

(make sure you click on these, my blog clipped them)


Damn imposing indeed. Cerdwin Flanagan (Blu282 on Flickr) definitely got my attention. Great outfit, great picture, and he wears them as nonchalantly as a ball cap.

TBP Antler Picture by Max
Polly Pavlova is a friend of mine, but I have to admit I'd be more biased to ignore this beautiful submission from her. She looks like a creature you've just startled as you were reaching for a sip of water in the wilderness. Just lovely, and very primal.

Odocoleinae Antlers

My personal favorites were by Freyja Sinister. She submitted another, but this one showed the antlers better, and I liked the feel of mysticism. It almost seems like it could be Tarot art for The Hierophant.

A few other pictures I really enjoyed, they were just very cool outfits and ways to wear them, but didn't have the same sort of "o.o" factor:

Sureal by Maloevs
Mourna Biziou
Honeydew Lake
hyasynth Tiramisu

The three winners will be getting a copy of the Lumina antlers (or 1750L refunds)and everyone I mentioned in this post will be getting a special pair of horns I made especially for myself :)

I want to say thank you to everyone who sent in submissions, I love seeing how you guys wear my things, and based on this I don't think this will be the last Flickr contest I do. So if you didn't win anything this time, you'll be getting another chance later :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful darling, simply mah-velous. Check yer mail page, ye scallywag, for I have sent ye message in a bottle from me flagship!
Hope the waters ye be sailin' in be breezy!

Terry Toland said...
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Terry Toland said...

Cerdwin's photos have been absolutely amazing to watch as she played with that set in different ways. I love the play with darkness and real mythical figure she worked with. I really wish I was able to work with PS as she is.

I don't remember running across Polly's, but man, that is beautiful! And I do love the feral feel she presented with the bend in the legs and positioning near the water.

Ahh, Freyja, a very savvy image-weaver I first really encountered during the Jewelry Expo. I love her creativity and the dreamy feel she brings to things.

w00t for everyone else mentioned! I especially like to see how cromy-domes are shining more. :3

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I must have misread or misunderstood how much time I had. Now I am a sad panda. Regardless, beautiful pics, guys! You all did a great job... and those were my favorite ones too!!! haha

Anonymous said...

I loved looking through the pool. What a gorgeous array :)

they're amazing antlers!

Honeydew Lake said...
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Honeydew Lake said...

Congrats to the winners, they were such beautiful and amazing pictures :))
And thanks for the mention Siyu :))