Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm sure you've gotten used to my sort of patterns of a flurry of activity, followed by a long silence.

In that long silence, I'm dickying around and doing absolutely nothing productive, which is why I am silent, so that you don't hear about how proud of my Guild Wars character I am or how I ate mashed potatoes (mmm potaters). But I feel I do need to post about a few things.

Nyx Linden has started a regular office hour on Wednesdays at 12pm SLT, at his place in Borrowdale (I'll post a slurl when I get a chance). The focus is completely on content creation, and tools and suggestions that would make owning a business easier. Things like per pixel shading, mesh import, inventory controls or permissions systems are high on the list of discussion topics, so if you have anything you'd like to see in regards to content creation, maybe you should swing by next week :)

Also, there was some news about open spaces recently. For folks who don't really know, Openspace sims were introduced some time in April as an alternative sim for people who couldn't afford a full region at $1000 and $295 a month. They sold like delicious home made pancakes in an Amsterdam kafe and now, half a year later, LL decided to raise the price on them to a point hardly anyone could afford. Despite some haggling and some "compromises" they're pretty much still going through with the price hike. With this current bad news and with the knowledge a few of my friends and loyal regulars might soon be SL homeless, I've decided to open the tree houses to inquiries about rentals.

After being able to support myself on the sim this long, I've decided to go a little easier on the prices. The looming recession we're about the enter into had a little to do with it as well. As I've mentioned before I'm going to have both lofts and full apartments, and the difference will be size and prim allotments, and of course price.

I haven't figured out anything solid yet, but I'll get back to you when I have the actual numbers. You can start contacting me in world though, if you know for sure you want a spot. If you're still not sure until you actually see the prices, then don't worry, my next post should be a more detailed description with pictures of what you'll be getting.


Vidal Tripsa said...

Aye, it's a tough time indeed. In fact it's exactly the sort of behaviour (from Linden Lab) which does make us consider picking up the Guild Wars puppet strings. Nine months after we'd all settled in to Openspaces and now it's claimed that we were "doin it rong". :(

Lovely to hear that some people need not be so displaced, though. An Illusions treehouse sounds wonderful!

Terry Toland said...

You're so sweet, Siyu. Thank you for presenting this information - both the content creation and OS issues - in an honest but positive tone. There's a lot of people that need role-models of proper behavior right now.

And were they traditional or chive potatoes? :O