Sunday, July 8, 2007

Civetta and Columbina

It's been a while since the first release of my new sculpted masks, the Civetta and Columbina. They were released with beautiful embellishments, and since then, people have asked why I haven't just set out the plain mask. Well... it wasn't perfect. And I can't set out anything not perfect.

Well, anything I know to be imperfect.

So the masks went back to the drawing board, to undergo many many permutations, and about 15 drafts of sculpted prim, little tweaking... and I've even discovered a way to boost the detail. And so I am very proud to offer you the new, improved, plain Civetta and Columbina.

From the original blog post:

"'Civetta' in Italian literally means "owl", and these masks are called that in reference to their similarity to the large round "ear disks" around an owl's eyes. This mask comes down around the cheeks and is the ultimate unisex mask, as it has not the slightest hint of gender association. Isn't that marvelous?"

This picture is just so yummy. Yes it's me again, being a crazy transvestite... but dayem! I'm actually wearing a female skin for this, I couldn't find a good male one and hey, I look pretty. Those stunning eyes are by Miriel Enfield, in a preview she passed me because she knew I'd absolutely adore them (and I totally do). The hair is the Dauphin wig from here.

"The Columbina name reflects the shape of the mask, as masks that cover the nose yet don't cover the cheeks are normally the signature of a Commedia Del'Arte character named Columbina. She is a flirtatious and savvy little wench who is most famous for her intelligence and her biting wit. The mask is intended for a woman only by character, because it looks just as good on a man."

The hair is the incredibly fabulous Antoinette style by Curl Up and Dye, and is the one and only reason I haven't made my own... this one is just too wonderful. And in this picture you can see some of the improvement I've made to the shape of the masks. The transition into the mesh around the eyes is smoother, and the sides are much more polished with a smooth taper.

They're both available in 11 different colors, shown in this nifty board here:

And have I mentioned the best part? I've set them out at just 75L each!

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