Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stem Roses

Ask, and you shall recieve! I've gotten a few requests for putting these out, and so here they are. Available in the usual twenty colors, as copy and transfer, as well as something a little different... I've set 12 transferable red ones aside to buy in a pack, to pass out to friends and flirts! If you'd like to buy a set of 12 in a different color just let me know, I don't have anything against other colors I just happen to hate boxes.

So these came along with some news about a contest!! Apparently is doing a big contest, (and I mean big), where you submit original bouquet designs that have to be around 30 prims or less. Now if that wasn't a fun enough thing to make my ears perk up... the first prize is 100,000 lindens. For some perspective, that's over 350 dollars.

My answer to this is: hell yes.

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