Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been busy catching up to old old old commissions lately, some of them from a month ago. I tell ya, the advent of sculpted prims definitely kept me busy all through out June. So I don't really have much to show you, except I can happily say that my Geisha picture on Flickr is doing amazingly well. Flickr is a popular photo sharing community hosted by Yahoo, that allows you to make interest based groups and share pictures and other original work by you with people with similar interests. It shows you how many people have viewed it, and how many have "favorited" it, which means they've saved it for viewing again. My average picture, if it's interesting and artistic, has about 150 views and maybe 4 favorites. Already, Geisha has 63 views and 12 favorites... which to my knowledge is just unheard of... It totally deserves it.

Since I don't have much recent work to show you (although I have been working, I just don't have the proof), I've decided to share a couple of the art pieces I've done in Flickr on my blog... because I really am very proud of them.

To set them up, my friend Selos Dae (who did the Geisha skins, and who I reviewed for "Feline Groovy" has been working on a customized skin for me. Sometimes, for the absolute fun of it, my avatar likes to be bald. I imagine her using veet and powdering her head, and her face and bone structure looks absolutely wonderful and exotic without hair. But I get this a lot "Hey Siyu, your hair hasn't rezzed, might want to refresh". And I'm getting sick of saying "It's a lifestyle choice! What have you got against bald women! Baldist!" I also think that if one has the face for it, being bald is a beautiful, unique and very sexy look for (some) women. So to just emphasize that yes, I do mean to be bald, and don't I look damn sexy, I have asked Selos to make me a skin with beautiful and intricate head tattoos. She did... and it's delicious. I didn't wear hair for several days, and it inspired me to take some beautiful and exotic pictures.

This is the first I took, a transcendant picture caught in the middle of a beautiful Sine Wave dance, and I was very happy with it.... but then I got the itching for another photoshoot...
This one I just love. I doctored it up a bit to bring out the colors and the contrast and to make it really feel like a brilliant sunset viewed through a silk curtain. It feels almost like an Arabian princess gazing out over the Mediterranean. The dark isn't something I do often, and it just makes this picture have so much depth and reality. Plus... lighting effects are just yummy.

I'd never shave my hair off entirely in my first life, I imagine my head would be cold and rather shiny, and I doubt I'd look anywhere near as good as Siyu does. But for me, that's what dressing up in Second Life is all about... getting to try things you've always dreamed of but never would actually/possibly do to yourself!

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Miriel Enfield said...

Oh, wow, that looks amazing.