Sunday, July 15, 2007

Neenja Cowboy!....?

For one thing, let it be known that when it comes to "ninja masks" I have been asked many times about them, where they are, and why the hell don't I have them, don't I know that that's what a real mask is and I have no right to wear the title Master Mask Maker while I have no ninja mask!!


Part of this is because it is simply against my nature to provide said ninja mask. When given the choice between Pirates, Ninja or Jedi, my answer is obvious. But I was feeling silly and I was making an awful lot of sculpted prims today, so what the hell. I made a Neenja mask!!

I don't want anyone to be under any sort of impression that I take myself or anyone else too seriously. So I have named this mask after how I playfully say the word "ninja" when I'm making... well.. the face in that picture. And like a true neenja mask, it arrived suddenly and without notice!! (literally, I didn't send a group notice out... it's a stealthy mask like that). Because that is the soul of neenja. It's also just one silly prim and one silly texture, so it's just 20 silly lindens for the silly upload fee. Go forth and be neenja.

Speaking of silly... One fateful day Munchflower Zaius (of Nomine) told me she wanted a cowboy hat. "There are a lot of cowboy hats out there, Gritty Kitty has a very nice one that comes with hair" I said.
"But no," she said, "I want a Siyu one."
"Thppt!" I replied.

And then as if she had recruited a mob to do her bidding, or her lust for a siyutastic cowboy hat had entered the collected consciousness of my update group they called out "Siyu! Make a cowboy hat!"

Ok so you can see where I'm going with this. I feel like a puppet on strings!
I made a cowboy hat. But not just any old cowboy hat... no. This one happens to be.. Siyutastic. It's sculpted, and comes in black or white, with your choice of the pin in gold or silver. Oh, and that's not all... you even have your choice of pin!!

I've made up five different pins for the front of the hat! Aren't these cool? A rose (naturally, because you know, I'm ME), a Sacred Heart, (a request from the Munch), a Jolly Roger (just plain old kickass), a sheriff star... (I don't know why), and the plain simple buckle for you purists out there.

At this time I would like to say how darn proud I am of the Sacred Heart. It's sculpted wings, feathers, heart, flame, make it completely awesome and beautiful, despite the fact that I'm really not religious. I'm also a fan of bringing info to the world... The heart itself symbolizes the divine and deep love of Jesus, which is very often just used as an image all on its own surrounded by light. The fire symbolizes fervor and passion, as well as "bringing the light of God". The coil wrapped around it is the "crown of thorns" that Christ wore on the cross, and the wings... well... the wings I guess aren't exactly "kosher" (hehe religious melange), but Munchflower wanted it based loosely on a tattoo on one of her skins. I guess it gets to flutter around and look pretty!

My personal favorite is the jolly roger. Expect to see that sucker around in some jewelry and maybe even some belts.

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