Wednesday, July 18, 2007


ooooOOOoooo *wiggly fingers of darkity doom and darkness*

Ok, so I'm very happy with this, it's fabulous, exquisite, and the most realistic cloth drapery I've seen yet. But I'm actually frustrated! This was supposed to be a large flowing veil! Look at it! It's not an elegant and exotic female garment!.... ok yeah it is. But it's not a veil and that's what I was trying to make! Darn wild creativity! So basically I didn't get anything off of my to do list, I just did another do.

Yes, I will simply answer that it is as nice as it looks, and is completely made out of sculpted prims except two or three normal ones as were needed. The cowl area is delicious, and has a sculpted neck piece that comes up under the chin, and it looks beautiful alone. The mask part is a modified Neenja mask with a front drape panel, to make it look like it's been wrapped around the back of the head without interfering with the hood. And the hood... Oh that's yummy. As you can see it's pretty cozy in there, and for most folks should be a pretty nice glare height. I made buying it as "male" or "female" an option, but really it's just the large and small versions. The male has a shorter, thicker neck and much broader shoulders, with a larger head, but obviously if your male avatar has a long neck and relatively slender shoulders, go with the female and just stretch. Please don't feel I'm emasculating you, I just want things to fit!

I got in touch with the owner of the marvelously extravagant Victorianna Castle, because she happens to be the owner of the Victorianna Doll Store. I have a policy in general against setting up vendors away from home, but I make exceptions if the theme is strictly adhered to and the stores are of good quality. It's a little nook of yummy victorian gothic girliness, the hub of Elegant Gothic Lolita, and it was sorely in need of my parasols and top hats. Apparently rent is free if she has the space and deems you worthy!! Huzzah!

That also leads me to something I will simply call "synchronicity requests". Often times I'm so focused on something I want to work on, that suddenly people will start asking me for it. People who have no idea I was planning on working on said thing, and who all say it within about 5 hours of each other. Here are what people have been asking about:
Full burkha style face veils, multi layered and covering the head and shoulders... which was what that sexy piece of gothy goodness was supposed to be (but I love it anyway)
A desperado hat, Zorro style, with a big wide brim that's all bad ass and stuff
A beautiful and extravagant lady's hat with tons of fezzers
and here's where the doll store comes in:
Victorian inspired and historically inspired hair, in fabulous sculpted glory.

I guess i need to do some serious internet footwork for references!

I think, however, that with all of this stuff to do I might actually take some time for Real Life tomorrow. Food in the refrigerator and an emptied trash might be nice!

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