Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have hooorns!! The sculpted dilemma has an end! The indomitable Kala Bijoux answered my cry for help with winning advice, and so she'll be getting some goodies. And some other fun things that I can release soon! HURRAY! I've had a pair of elf ears that I sculpted a while back molding in my inventory, and now I finally am faced with the dilemma of how to sell them so that they'll match skin tones! (I'm thinking maybe a couple standards, tan, pale, black, etc, (all lighter than normal) and a plain white version all for easy tinting.

Today I also worked on a Burqa hood, or some sort of big flowy head veil, so far I'm having trouble knowing where to stop. Do I make it a whole Burqa? so far that isn't working, but then on the other hand stopping it at the top of the tummy looks a bit odd (but would it with the right dress?). Just the usual nitpicking things...

Oh and did I tell you? The Carnivale sim has been moved on the map, so teleports have been crazy and misdirecting, and will be, until the map refreshes, which might be a week. So I have a little sign where the most common spawn point is, offering a landmark and an explanation. Carnivale now borders the sim that has Vanessa Noarlunga's private home: Lady Mask. Apparently Vanessa has ordered up some neighbors for Carnivale, 4 to be exact. Right now we aren't sure quite where they will be in relation to the two ones now, but since I've expressed a desire to keep my beautiful sea scape, she's generously offered to give me the option of moving if it turns out I'm squished in between two other sims. There's a possibility of a move, so don't start packing your bags until we find out how those other four sims come out.

In RL news, my wrists have been starting to hurt a bit more, and my veins are swelling on the top of my hands... so I might have to take a break for a little. I might not be on as much for the next two days, please forgive, but a healthy Siyu is a happy Siyu, and a happy Siyu is a productive Siyu!

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