Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Boom Boom Day!

Happy 4th! Which to many people means absolutely nothing, but for us Yankees over in the good ol' US of A it means time to break out the fireworks and put on the most obnoxiously patriotic garb imaginable. For my part, since it is a holiday, and I do have a silly habit of giving out holiday freebies... here is yours. A nationally ambiguous red, white and blue mask, so you can re-use it for Bastille Day, or any of the 22 other countries (including Cambodia and the Czech Republic) and whatever national holidays they might have that involve wearing said colors ^.^

I marked this day in other ways by holding a fun, informal fireworks session (using Cubeos Boffin's fireworks system, the only bunch of fireworks worth spending money on) in the skies over the Indigo Rose, which was fun and dancey ^.^

I also did a couple of random things that are group related: I created a group called "Gods of Illusions" for the people who have bought my Ltd Edition God masks. I found I kept on wanting to ask them questions, and rather than IM random people, I figured it'd be easier to just get them all into a group. And I think I might make it mandatory if you buy one. Rar! (lol, like I could enforce that). I also finally changed the name of the "every member" role for my main group (Masqueraderie). "Mask Afficionado" is all well and good, but it's very stuffy and doesn't roll out of the mouth nicely. I shortened it and changed it to the desirable and rather clever "Illusionist". Now folks might actually be inclined to show their allegiance to my store through a rather snappy and self aggrandizing title ^.^ So far it's been a hit!

I also ended up giving myself a rather high-falutin' title as the owner and maker of the Gods of Illusions group... heh, I called myself the "Creator of Creators", because hey, what else would you call someone who makes gods? It may be a little cocky... but I just won't wear it around town ;)

I've been working on various colors and a new permutation of the civetta and columbina masks, I found a way to milk more detail out of the 1024 polygons provided, and so far it's been working beautifully! There are, as always, little things that serve to irritate and annoy me enough to prevent its release, but they're being worked on :)

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