Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cap'n and the Commodore

I've been talking to Saeya Nyanda, who was a friend of a friend and is now my friend, as those things sometimes go, and she was telling me a bit about branding and marketing. She had some pretty nifty artwork associated with her own business (called Kyoot Army). I also did a little reading about attractive business graphics that gave the maximum amount of information with the maximum amount of aesthetic pleasingness. So those two things together decided to make me play a little with my own "branding".

Oh, and did I forget to mention I'm releasing two new hats? I did?

There, you can get a little taste of both an awesome hat, and the new branding I'm trying out :) I haven't implemented it yet, I'm still playing with it, and actually I'd love some feedback on it as some comments here. Some feedback already has been that it's more clear and easy to read, that the "modify" permission needed to be stated, and that it makes me look more like a professional. Oh, and that the rose and mask was perfect for my business. I totally agree ;)

Now, as for the hat! This may be a somewhat familiar hat, but it was the standard for a naval military man of rank, as was the elegant wig. The little pin on the side was called a "cockade", and could be used to signify anything from nationality, political leanings, or a servant's livery. In this case, it signifies our commodore's rank (wooo chevrons!). I even tried to get the number of chevrons right for Commodore (5), but if I'm wrong, blame Google.

But something tells me that this next hat is going to be the one folks want.

Arrrrr!! This be a pretty familiar hat! That be up thar the scurvy scallywag of the Boojum island, Kenn Szondi, who just happened to have a fully assembled pirate outfit that was absolutely perfect for this picture. And he was happy, that grin isn't faked, since he got a free hat out of it ^_^ That over-washed worn out leather texture took me absolutely forever, and I'm not lying when I say I have more drafts of that texture than any other. It has some simple stitched sides, and aside from the leather it's made out of it's a very cheap hat to make (theoretically speaking, obviously it wasn't actually since it cost me so much in upload fees). Only lucky pirates be rich!

Both of these hats are now available in the main store for 125L each, and I'll be reducing the prices of some of the other pirate stuff. I'll also be putting them into the new vendors, and oh! I now have a pirate wall! I got rid of that glass division, as it was just a little too far out of the normal path of traffic. It had been bugging me. I hope you enjoy! ^.^

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