Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A New Age of Yummy

I know my little "secret project" wasn't really THAT secret... I mean come on... sculpted prims come, and oh, lots of fabulous hats, but where's my signature piece? Where is the very thing my entire business is built around? Where is the symbol of Illusions, the item which makes me unique, and sought out for events of mystery and elegance?


It took me many many drafts, hundreds in upload fees, but it's been perfected. Sculpted masks...

Inspired by the Venetian style, I offer to you Columbina and Civetta...

The Columbina name reflects the shape of the mask, as masks that cover the nose yet don't cover the cheeks are normally the signature of a Commedia Del'Arte character named Columbina. She is a flirtatious and savvy little wench who is most famous for her intelligence and her biting wit. The mask is intended for a woman only by character, because it looks just as good on a man.

The Civetta Mask is shown here in the variety of accents and colors I'm offering it in. My usual black and white, as well as silver and gold. "Civetta" in Italian literally means "owl", and these masks are called that in reference to their similarity to the large round "ear disks" around an owl's eyes. This mask comes down around the cheeks and is the ultimate unisex mask, as it has not the slightest hint of gender association. Isn't that marvelous?

I wanted to introduce the new generation of masks with some pizazz, but the plain models of just the shape will be offered within the next day, probably. This truly is a new era of mask making for me, as these shapes will find themselves transformed in a myriad of patterns and personalities to become truly authentic venetian masks, and masks of my own fantasies and devices. Look out Venetian Mascareri's... here I come!!

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Seraphine said...

Wow-- what a fun idea! Your masks are a perfect blend of sexiness and mystery.