Thursday, July 26, 2007


I wasn't feeling too well yesterday and today, had some sort of odd bug, and it's kept me from being productive lately. However, it didn't stop me from doing a photoshoot that had been stuck in my brain for a while. I needed an awful lot of preparation (the perfect wings, the perfect setting, the perfect details), but it was very, very worth it.

I was wearing my black Nomine skin with the "constellation pattern" on it for once (I normally wear the plain version). I was shopping for jewelry with the fabulously gay Tomoyuki Batra, and he passed me a snap he had taken of me trying on some new diamonds, simply titled "Siyu is the Sky with Stars".

And that inspired me to be Nox

Nox, also called Nyx, was the primordial goddess of night in Greek and Roman mythology. She was feared even by Zeus, and she was the mother of many, many gods and goddesses. Amongst them were Hypnos, god of Sleep, Aether, god of air, Hemera, goddess of Morning, Oniros, god of Dreams, and Thanatos, god of Death. If anyone was considered a mother goddess, it was she. This is my vision of her.

Nox's Embrace

Nox's Orb

Nox's Flight

There was some editing done to the pictures to pick up the lights, contrast her, and blend her into a field of stars. I also created that headpiece especially for these pictures, and the necklace happens to have an interesting story as well. A fellow artist on SL (who's been around much longer) named Random Calliope, decided to create a set of jewelry created out of all of the major constellations. She strung them together, and you can actually pick out the different ones if you look close enough. I thought it was extremely appropriate to wear the set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) for these. Siyu was completely nude for the pictures, however I managed through clever photo-shopping and picking the right places to blend to make that not even noticeable, much less an issue. I do strongly suggest that you click these to make them larger, and enjoy the detail of them. I had very big shoes to fill after those geisha pictures ;)


Sybella said...

These are incredibley Siyu! I am seriously blown away.

Interfaith Today said...

This is just stunning! I hope you don't mind I downloaded one to use as my desktop - so inspiring and lovely!

Anonymous said...

i'm an old fuddy duddy, who barely knows what SecondLife is. just stumbled across these images while looking for info on Nyx, my newest resonant incarnation. THESE ARE FABULOUS, especially because i can just *see* her up there commanding the night sky. thanks for giving me a clear image to work with.

Anonymous said...

sorry, just to clarify, i meant giving me a *mental* image to work with! i downloaded paper copies for my personal journaling (no other reason!) and these will only be seen by me :-)