Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harlequin Cap

So, yesterday Munchflower IM's me and tells me she's doing Harlequin skins, and would I like to make a hat or something...? The answer is yes, and I was working on the hat so quickly I finished it before noon.

Deliciousness, pure deliciousness. I feel like a Super Villain in this hat. It's 100% sculpty (so it isn't flexi at all), and has even sculpted bells, which can be seen if you camera in really close. I found the most wonderful sound of a gentle jingle of bells, which as the picture says is activated on touch, not just willy nilly. Unless you have crazy annoying friends who keep jingling your bells. Yes, other folks can jingle you, and you can offer them a merry jingle, because that's part of the fun XD

Currently this fabulous hat is only available in black and white with silver bells. but my mind is open to doing color with black and gold bells as an option. For now you can IM me if you like and I'll whip up a custom for you, but right now it looks so darn good in black and white I can't bear to color it (and what's tinting for anyway?).

So Munchflower passed me the beautiful and fanciful skin I'm wearing in that delicious picture, and she just happened to release her skins today too :)
As you can see... she approves of the hat

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