Sunday, July 8, 2007

Of Pirates and Geisha

Last night, I was supposed to DJ a party for a friend of mine, BoobooKittie Haight who runs Catwalk City... but it turns out it was canceled! So here I was, with a stream, and 300L to get out of it. So what the hell, I put out a group chat invitation to any folks online in Masqueraderie to come on down to the Indigo Rose in your finest Piratey garb and I'd play whatever darn music I felt like.

Folks had fun XD I got to play music all night long, launch fireworks and organize my inventory while hanging out with some very awesome people :)

So today was a bit more for inventory sorting, until I got a note in Fashion Consolidated announcing Deviant Kitties' new hair style, based off of one of good friends's skins, Selos Dae. I reviewed her skins in my "Feline Groovy", and since then we've become very good friends, and she's even working on a gorgeous tattooed skin for me (I'm wearing a draft of that in that picture). She was watching lots of Geisha stuff and got inspired, and she had dropped a whole bunch of gorgeous geisha skins on me. Since I'm not normally a big fan of red, I tried them on, thought they were pretty and then switched back to the good ol' monochrome. With Helyanwe's new hair though... I was inspired to play dress up. And when one plays dress up.... one takes pictures.

There are a lot of pieces of "SL Art" that I create in screen shots and photoshop, and post on Flickr that I don't post here. But I absolutely had to share these with the world.
Beauty... modesty... the perfect picture of an elegant geisha... 07/07/07 is supposed to be a very lucky day... and it certainly was mine to get that capture. And yet that one pales in comparison to this:

Go ahead. Stare. And then put me on the cover for the next printing of Memoirs of a Geisha. This is the picture that at the moment I'm not even sure how I took. And click on it to see it larger!! She looks like a painting...

I'm going to make it my desktop.


Daisyblue said...

You are absolutely breathtaking in those pics. On the cover of someone else's book? Hell, no. Write your own: "Siyu, the Lady beyond the Mask."

Siyu Suen said...

*blushes and hides behind her parasol*

I'm gonna blame you if I end up writing that book XD