Monday, July 23, 2007


As was the assumed, and somewhat inevitable result of my success at mirroring sculpted prims... here they are. Delicious, wicked, mischievous and silly: HORNS

I'll just say that after Kala Bijoux (the genius behind Material Squirrel) told me how to make them mirrored, the next hardest thing was naming them. I decided to name them after what it sort of made me feel like doing while wearing them, and so all of the names are various verbs! With these names came some adorable pictures. There are 7 types of horns, all available for 45L each, so get ready for picture overload!!

Needless to say.... I had a lot of fun doing these pictures. And the horns, naturally, but the pictures top it all off so cutely! All of these horns can be shrunk, but I made them a size that they stand out from moderate-to-fluffy hair. I've made them in these five loverly materials:

Personally, I don't see why anyone would ever buy anything other than the black horns, but that's just me. Sometimes you need some contrast going, I'll admit!

I also put a heading in under neath the "sculpted horns" description as you can see, saying "Stretch 'Em, Squash 'Em, Smush 'Em!" and I really mean it! I mean it so much, that I detailed out a huge long note card explaining how to customize them, set behind this board right here:

This is the first board I've ever done like this, using screenshots rather than snap shots, and I'm really happy with how official I've managed to pretend to be! Wow, don't I look professional!

(In a fun way)

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