Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shady Madness

Today has just been a day for surprising my update group and getting things done. I've gotten some pretty fun things done today!!

For one, I have re-released Suleika with new veil textures and plugged it into the new vendor, ZOMG you can now get any color you like, rather than having to buy it in a full color pack!

Yeah it's still the same picture, it's just too darn pretty. But this one has words. Yeah. I changed the scarf texture but not enough to be an issue. I also made an extremely awesome color board, with stone samples and scarf samples so you can see exactly what you're getting ^.^

But really this post is all about one thing. One thing that is sure to steal the show, anywhere you go, and any where it's seen. It's divine, it's ridiculous, it's larger than life and it's just too much. It had to be done, and it had to be done by me. I've made the Mad Hatter's Hat.

This picture brings such a big grin to my face!!

Sculpted and with a flexi feather... This thing is just outrageous in the best sense of the word. I wanted a sort of gothic vibe to it, and black and white are absolutely classic. When I announced it to my update group I sold 5 in about 3 minutes, because they are just THAT irresistable. If you're wondering about the 10/6 on the card tucked into the brim, it means ten shillings and six pence, which was the average price of a hat back then. So essentially the Mad Hatter still has his price tag on. Don't worry though, I haven't made it 1060L, and 106L would just be unfair to me :( But it's 275 and includes the matching bowtie.... The term "Mad as a Hatter" actually comes from a very common occurence of the time. Many milliners worked with mercury when curing the felt of their hats, and the mercury poisoning would cause delusions, hallucinations, distorted speech and vision and all around kooky things that would be lumped under the term of "madness". But I took the Mad Hatter hat as an invitation to just be eccentric, ridiculous, and a tad macabre.

I've also finally released the Victorian Parasol I mentioned way way way way way back when. Remember that? I fixed the issues it was having after I sent it away to be scripted.

So here it is again, available for just 125L :) It opens and closes on touch, has an animation override to keep it on your shoulder, and simply is the perfect accessory for any gothic or victorian outfit. Especially cute little EGLoli's ^.^

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