Monday, July 30, 2007

So today the grid is absolutely batty beyond any memory I could have of it... everything is down, leaving me to sit and organize my inventory and chat. Happily, I did accomplish some nifty things yesterday. I would just love to release them, except naturally no one would be able to come buy it, enjoy it, or see it. So they'll be waiting until the grid behaves itself.

The first thing I did was a bouquet for that delicious contest, but it's only nine prims!! I overdid myself a bit on the economy, I'll probably sell it as a yummy home furnishing if you guys like.

Mmmmm puuuurple... Haven't quite decided if that's the texture I want for my lillies, but I think you'll agree it's beautiful, but maybe not a prize winner. So I'll be playing with more fun ideas >=)

Also worth sharing is yesterday I got a request for a mask fit for furries, just a basic one. I ended up modding the Columbina sculpt and being able to do it easily! In like, 10 minutes I think. I don't own a furry myself, but I was able to fit it to the default Linden provided furry head and oddly enough, it seems to fit most furry heads beautifully with just a couple of minor stretching adjustments. Such is the hardness with which I rooooock. Just opened up the eyes a lot, and widened the nose a lot, but now it fits (from the customer and a friend who had furries) Luskwood avatars and Lost Furest avatars, as well as the default Linden one, and should fit pretty much all of the anime-inspired furry heads.

Munchflower (of Nomine) IM'ed me yesterday and told me she was planning absolute deliciousness... Harlequin/Pierrot inspired skins. So just the very mention of this zoomed something on my List up to the top. I made the most adorable jester's hat. I really do mean that this thing is just so darned lovable. I put a very simple script inside it to play a sound on touch, and found the most perfect bell sound on a peer-share site. So all of yesterday I was asking people to jingle my hat, and I imagine you will be too when you put it on. It really is absolutely fabulous... like all of my hats :) I passed Munch one of the hats that she inspired, and she gave me the perfect skin to wear with it >=)

With all of these absolutely crazy problems on SL, it's actually the perfect time for me to do something I very rarely do. I started updating my SLX items! I had some absolutely ancient masks on there that I've long since retired to the 5L pile, and almost none of my best and most popular works. So I've been working on that today, as well as finishing up reading Harry Potter with my fiance. Yes... Siyu is a Potter fan... >.> As if her love of fabulous hats and flowy capes hadn't given it all away already XD


Lauren said...

ok i just stumbled on your stuff
and had to say i love your vase!!!
it looks so much like the raku i do in real life!!!!!

Adia Clary said...

Ohhh! A jester hat! I can't wait!