Saturday, June 2, 2007

So I was mindin' my own business, trying to figure out a way to fit some extra wall space into my store, when Mr. Krimson Gray of "Rendili Creations" decides to give me a full perm leather glove texture that he made in exchange for a Fabulous hat. Well I've never been one to turn down such a lovely and well timed gift, so I can finally offer you... the Cavalier Gauntlets!! mmm YUMMY!

While Raven Pennyfeather was going to oblige me with a lovely texture, have no fears those who were brought joy by the thought of our collaboration ^.^ We're still definitely going to work together, this was just an unexpected boon of timing.

I realized that in my exquisitely architectured Temple to Beauty that is my main store building... it's actually pretty poorly designed as far as the concept of the Second Life Store goes.. To wit, WALL SPACE. So I was examining cheats or possible ways of edifice editing, and found that a plane of glass placed between two pillars was quite sufficient to give me some surface. So once I'm done with the pirate stuff (for now) I'm going to throw it up on that wall. Let me know if you can't find it O.o

I also bring to you a preview of a Victorian goodie which has been a rather long work in progress (not as long as some, but yes, quite long)

I was going to put it out tonight but ran into some unexpected glitches. Things got moved around, and the script is different perms than I thought it was... So it needs to be stuck back on the workbench for a little. But yes, this is the pretty that will be out soon (probably tomorrow)

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Krimson Gray said...

I get inspiration at the oddest moments. I must remember to visit Miss Pennyfeather's store.